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Tianna & Mike

Tianna and Mike have already been together for 8 years, but they keep their relationship fresh and exciting by doing things they love together, such as exploring the great outdoors, hiking and hunting. Loving and loyal, they’re like two peas in a pod and a delight to spend time with.

Their proposal story is one of the best, and highlights them so well, it bears sharing here!

As they described, it wouldn’t be their style if things didn’t go completely to plan and include a little bit of mayhem. Mike had originally planned to propose on their 6th anniversary out at their favourite dock in Carling. Of course, they were calling for a whopping 50mm of rain, so his plan shifted to be a day ahead. That morning began with Tianna working at Killbear Park putting up some bat monitors. They crossed paths in the morning at the Park and she didn’t take too much notice that he was in a big rush (somewhat not unusual) and his field tech (their good friend Alanna) was smiling from head to toe (also not unusual!). Tianna spent the afternoon working from home, preparing a presentation she was giving that evening as a guest presenter for a local lecture series. Mike came back from “work” mid-afternoon and asked if she wanted to head out to the dock for a bit, as he wanted to give her her anniversary present. Knowing it was going to be a tripod, to go with her birding scope last year, she asked if they could just do it tomorrow? After much insisting on his part that she needed to “get out” and after considerable resisting on her part that she needed “to work”, she finally gave in. Once they arrived at the dock, of course, people were using it! So they waited, and waited, and as Mike grew impatient he finally set up in a location away from the dock. He surprised her with a new tripod. He set it up with her scope to try it out and as he was focusing it said: “Hey Ti! I see a turtle, take a look!” Of course…there was no turtle…but instead a little sign way out on the other side of the bay saying “Marry Me”.

Brooklands Farm in Muskoka was the perfect venue for these outdoorsy, nature lovers. We hope you’ll enjoy some of the photos capturing their day.

Venue: Brooklands Farm, Muskoka
Hair: Muskoka Hair Design and Spa
Makeup: Makeup by Simone
Florals: Blooming Muskoka
Second Shooter: David Bywater



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