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Erin and Matt

Coming to you on the blog today is Erin & Matt’s August wedding, which is a serious contender for one of the most fun weddings I have ever had the chance to not only photograph, but to also attend.

Photography and Video: Yours Truly
Venue: Grand Tappattoo Resort
Officiant: Lynn Daag ~ All Seasons Weddings
DJ: Encore Entertainment
Hair: Emma Quinn of Collective Haus

From the moment we started capturing the girls getting ready to the photo booth on the deck, it was a non-stop stream of laughing, dancing and merrymaking. (Do people say “merrymaking” still? If not, this wedding is definitely bringing it back).

These two lovebirds met forever ago as Matt was friends with Erin’s brother for years. After Erin’s brother left her high and dry one night, Matt made sure she made it home safely, and the rest is history; a taboo beginning  turned out to be the perfect match and they’ve clearly been having the time of their lives ever since. These two sure know how to put on a great party. I’ve never seen so many folks on the dance floor, the whole night long!

Mingled in with the uproarious events were some genuinely sweet and touching moments, too. I was so touched with the mother and daughter first dance, as well as Nonni ripping it up on the dance floor at 94 years old! Just goes to show that fun and love go together really, really well. Congrats again, Erin and Matt!


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