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Kelly and Geoff

Home. Home is where the heart is.

Home. Where your day begins and ends.

Home base: The objective toward which players progress in certain games.

Home, sweet home.

Home means so many thing to so many people, but there’s a comfort in ‘home’ we can all understand. For Kelly and Geoff, home means all of these things, and more, as the ball diamond is where their delightful romance began. And so, they decided to seal the deal by conducting their ceremony where it all started, right at home plate. And let me tell you, they had all the bases covered.

You’ve heard me say this before….I love weddings because they reflect the uniqueness that is each and every couple that I photograph. It’s this unique quality that defines coupledom (maybe I made that word up, but I like it and I hope you’ll understand what I mean) and brings me such joy to my profession as a photographer. Kelly and Geoff’s ceremony in the ball diamond, where their love story began, couldn’t have been more perfect.

The rain held off despite threatening all day, and the ceremony was able to go forward on the field as planned.

Congratulations Kelly and Geoff!


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