Meg Wallace Photography

Lauren and Thomas

As you likely know by now, I love being in on great surprise! This photo session was no exception!

As a gift for her long term boyfriend’s family, Lauren arranged family photos at the cottage which had just been sold. Little did she know there were other plans in the works! Thomas – her boyfriend – contacted me beforehand to let me know he planned to propose after the family session was over.

He took me by ATV to a special spot Lauren had mentioned she’d like a few couple photos taken. I got all set up and waited for them to arrive. On our prearranged cue, Thomas dropped on his knee and popped the question. There’s no question from her reaction what the answer was!

Lauren’s now proudly sporting a beautiful black diamond that spent the past few months hiding in a toolbox in the basement so she wouldn’t find it.

So what started off as a family photo session ended as an even happier affair with these two love birds all set to tie the knot.

Congratulations Lauren and Thomas!

To enjoy their images anywhere, you can download Lauren and Thomas’s custom photo app here from your mobile device.