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10 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

What is your experience shooting weddings, and how many have you shot as the primary photographer?

Many photographers assist on weddings without being the primary photographer. You want someone who has experience and knows what they’re doing. An experienced photographer will not only capture you and your fiance, the venue details, and all your guests…But they’ll also be imperative in helping your wedding day run smoothly. After all, what other vendor is spending the full day with you? After the guests have departed, the cake’s been eaten, the dress hung & your bouquet dried, your photos are what remain for you to enjoy and pass on to generations.

Meg has captured over 80 weddings as the primary photographer, averaging 15-20 weddings per year. Not only will you receive stunning images that capture the essence of your love story, you’ll also have a great time as she’s fun, easy to be around and has just the right amount of type A (She can’t help it; she used to be a teacher and she loves lists!) She’ll even help you plan your day so you have time in your schedule for your newlywed couple photos ~ those special ones to hang on you wall and put as a double spread in your album.

Where can we see a full wedding gallery?

Many photographers will show you only the very best images they’ve taken at weddings. The ones with the fancy lighting, and perfect pose. But not every image from a wedding looks like this. There are plenty of candids and unposed images that document the most important day of your life as it unfolds. These are important to see because we want to ensure our clients’ tastes in photography match our style. That’s why we post full wedding galleries so you can see our style from start to finish, beginning with stunning getting ready photos, all the emotion over the course of the day, right down to our signature reception photography with multiple flash setup. You can view multiple full wedding galleries here.

How do you ensure the safety of our wedding images?

Technology is amazing and constantly changing. But we all know sometimes technology can fail. That’s why we have a fail-proof backup system to ensure your images are safe. First, we shoot with duplicate full-frame professional cameras. That way, we always have a backup camera if one fails. Each camera has dual memory card slots, and we send each image to both cards. That way, if a card corrupts, we still have your images saved to another memory card. Afterwards, we back up your images on multiple hard drives stored in different locations, and then onto a cloud so they’re super safe.

Do you provide a contract outlining the details of the packages, pricing, payments etc?

Having a contract with your wedding photographer is imperative, and a good photographer will not proceed with your booking without one. Why? Because it protects both you and them. Contracts will vary from photographer to photographer, but at Meg Wallace Photography Studios, our contracts commit both parties (client and photographer) to the date so you know we’re not going to book another couple on your wedding day. Our contract also outlines the price and details of each package (from hours of coverage, number of photographers, custom photo app, etc.), making your first payment for your deposit, and additional payment terms, photos usage, and more.

Will it be you photographing our wedding, or another photographer from your studio?

Meg is the lead photographer for all our weddings. Barring a natural disaster, she will be there. This is important, because having reviewed our portfolio, you’ve seen countless weddings she’s photographed, and it’s likely you’ve become familiar with her style. We never book another photographer to replace her, as we only book one wedding a day. We do have assistants that sometimes accompany us, at no charge to our clients. When requested, a 2nd shooter can be booked to capture your day alongside Meg, from different angles and with different lenses to really round out your wedding images.

What happens if you are ill or an emergency comes up the day of our wedding?

In over 100 weddings, Meg has yet to miss a wedding due to injury or illness, and has no plans to! That said, we do have a number of other local photographers we can call on if a major illness or injury occurs that prevents her from capturing your day.

How do you edit our wedding images, and how will they be delivered to me?

Just as with fashion and music, there are trends in photography. Naturally, these, too, go out of style. We capture your wedding in beautiful light, edited lightly to bring out the best in colour and contrast. We want you to look back at your photos 25 years from now and feel like it was yesterday and not frozen in time due to a short-lived filter fashion. Our style is timeless, to be enjoyed forever.

We believe memories are best cherished in beautiful, tangible products that can be passed down through generations, so we include a custom, hand-made album in many of our packages. We also provide our couples with a beautiful wooden USB with their images so they have them as a digital back up, or to post on social media if they wish.

What insurance do you carry?

Many hobbyist and amateur photographers don’t carry insurance. We are a full-time, full-service, fully insured photography studio. We are covered by commercial general liability.

How do you like to schedule a wedding day?

We’re super flexible and easy to get along with. That said, we’ve shot a lot of weddings, and having been to more weddings than most people on the planet, we have a pretty good feel for them, as unique as each one is. We like to work with couples to help create a timeline that ensures there’s enough time for you to get all the photos you’re looking for. That’s why we offer free consultations prior to your wedding day. We provide our clients with a shot list, from which they can choose the important images/groupings they want us to capture. Venues and other vendors have their own timelines (dinner, speeches etc.), so we like to work with everyone to make sure you have the best day possible. With this, we can know how long we need to set aside for the group photos, so we have enough time to get the dynamite shots of the two of your together. Many times, couples forget to budget for travel and loading/unloading time for photographers moving with you to multiple locations, so we like to help that way so no images are missed.

What additional products/services do you offer?

Our clients choose the wedding collection that best suits their photography/video coverage needs. Each package clearly outlines the products included in the package, such as digital files, heirloom hand-made wedding album, custom photo apps, free mileage, etc. You can also build a custom collection to suit your needs and budget by adding to an existing collection from our A La Carte Menu / Additional Services. Our wedding collections begin at $3000, and full pricing information is shared during your consultation.

A favourite additional service we offer is boudoir photography. Not only is the experience a wonderful gift for yourself; the album and other luxury products make an incredible gift for your fiance! Learn more about the boudoir experience by visiting Georgian Bay Boudoir.

Another popular service we offer is engagement sessions. This is the prefect time for us to get together to create some stunning images for your save the date cards, wall art, practice posing so you don’t feel awkward on your wedding day, and get to know each other and have a little fun.

After your wedding, we love meeting with couples to show them their images in our studio on our large screen TV to celebrate with them! Clients then have the opportunity to purchase additional products to compliment their existing package. Many of our clients order large wall art, or add additional images to their albums or order thank you cards and/or gifts for their wedding party. Examples of most products are available at our studio for you to get a hands on feel. Clients can choose from our A la Carte Menu, or from one of our signature print collections.

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